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​World-famous retailer Harrods is a high-end department store located in the heart of London. With 20,000 m2 and over 330 departments, Harrods is currently the largest store in London and host of many global brands.


With almost two centuries of history, Harrods is seen as part of the British tradition and is among the main tourist attractions in the city.


Harrods has a blended workforce consisting of over 8,000 full-time and part-time employees, and associates hired by the various brands it hosts. It also has contractors recruited during peak periods such as Christmas.


Harrods needed its Intranet to overcome the challenge of integrating this mixed workforce. It should improve corporate communications and employee engagement, by surfacing and centralising all news and information. Moreover, the Intranet allows Harrods to be compliant with new UK legislation, which determine that all staff should have access to the same benefits and information.

The SharePoint 2010implementation has been completed in two levels, with the corporate Intranet offering internal access and a secure Extranet, which mirrors the Intranet, offering read-only access. These are two separate but synchronised platforms.
The project was delivered on time, to specification and within budget. It resulted in annual savings of £75,000 on printing and distribution of information.


Client Name:

SharePoint 2010


Real the full case study here



  • Intranet is available for all staff (full-time and contingent) both internally and externally, through read-only Extranet
  • Intranet has improved corporate
    communications and collaboration among the blended workforce
  • Intranet offers the same information to all employees, allowing Harrods to be compliant with UK legislations
  • All pages follow the same branding, created especially for Harrods
  • Wiki pages allow users to publish content. HTML Wiki templates standardise the content layout
  • £75,000 annual savings on printing and distribution of information


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