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Cofunds is authorised ad regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is the leading independent investment platform for advisers and other financial institutions, with assets under administration in excess of £25bn (as at 12.07.10). It is an independent company providing a one-stop platform that provides flexible, reliable, convenient administration and management services for advisers and their clients in addition to providing dealing and custody services for financial institutions.  
Cofunds required help to replace their current intranet system, and selected ICS Solutions through a tender process to assist them with their SharePoint 2010 roadmap. Work is now well underway between ICS Solutions and Cofunds, with Phase 1 being the replacement of their group wide Intranet.
Cofunds have a number of key business initiatives, and they have recognised the value in SharePoint and how this can help to improve their business value. Working with Cofunds, ICS Solutions have engaged in work to support them in the replacement of their group intranet across their three separate geographical locations.
Cofunds have not only seen the value in SharePoint for the migration of their intranet, but also for a number of key initiatives, and would like to work with ICS Solutions as a strategic partner across their Microsoft Solution portfolio, specifically SharePoint 2010, focussing on Business Intelligence, Search Services and extranet.


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SharePoint 2010


Download the Cofunds case summary here


• Migration of Cofunds Intranet over three separate geographical locations means that employees can use the same system from all areas.
• From migrating this to SharePoint Cofunds have seen the value that SharePoint can provide their business.
• Will be focusing future initiatives on Business Intelligence, Search Services and extranet.
• Will be working with ICS Solutions as a strategic partner for upcoming SharePoint 2010 initiatives.


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