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Office 365: a company signs up for a trial every 25 seconds

22 July 2011
Office 365: a company signs up for a trial every 25 seconds

ICS Solutions has just returned from the Microsoft Wordwide Partner Conference with exclusive information and valuable insights on how to improve their Microsoft Cloud offerings in 2012.

The event, held in Los Angeles from 10th to 14th July, was the biggest partner conference so far, with 15,000 attendees from 130 countries. With 95% of Microsoft revenue being driven through partners, the annual event is a way to inform the channel about Microsoft plans and launches for the following year and stimulate partners to engage with Microsoft’s new releases.
Some of the inside information shared during the event was the success of Office 365, launched on 28th June: by last week it already had over 50,000 users signed up on the trial, a rate of one company every 25 seconds. Microsoft Lync, one of the solutions included on the Office 365 suite, is anticipated to be Microsoft’s next ‘billion dollar opportunity’.
ICS Solutions has put together a web page with the key information from the event, which you can access here.



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