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ICS Solutions welcome new Microsoft Key Account Strategist

10 August 2011
ICS Solutions welcome Garrick Hooper, the new Microsoft Key Account Strategist, who joined our team this week. He will stay with ICS over the summer, before he goes back to Bournemouth University to continue his studies.
During the next 8 weeks, Garrick will be performing an investigative project within DreamTeam to analyse business processes and suggest improvements to the business, especially regarding the relationship with Microsoft. Garrick has gained experience in Resourcing by working in the Microsoft Resourcing Team during his gap year. There he had the opportunity to manage both Customer and Consultant expectation from Microsoft business viewpoint.
Whilst at Microsoft, Garrick was one of ICS Solutions’ points of contact when fulfilling requests of technical experts to work on Microsoft projects. Microsoft often uses, in their internal projects, resources from ICS Solutions’ DreamTeam, a pool of over 2,300 vetted and certified Microsoft experts.
Garrick is excited about being part of ICS Solutions’ team and says:
“Very Excited about joining ICS! Having worked with the team in my previous role at Microsoft, I know they are extremely passionate about Technology, flexible to demands and a pleasure to be around. What I expect to take from this short engagement at ICS is to get a better understanding of the partner echo system that Microsoft operates with and develop some key relationships in the partner business to provide some leverage and a platform to re-enter the IT industry in 2 years’ time.”



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