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ICS Solutions dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of implementing SharePoint

19 March 2012
ICS Solutions dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of implementing SharePoint

ICS Solutions is launching the SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012, updated with four Baseline Accelerators, which are pre-formed packages that reduce the time and costs of implementing multiple SharePoint sites, maximising the client’s initial investment. These packages also mitigate known risks by using winning strategies, resulting from ICS Solutions’ years of experience in delivering over 300 SharePoint projects.


ICS Solutions’ four Baseline Accelerators are: User-Centric Intranet, Optimised Extranet, Optimised Website and Self-Service Collaboration.  We are also working on developing accelerators for Business Intelligence and Communities.
All Baseline Accelerators come with provisioning software, templates, web parts and platform architecture, as well as full documentation to support the project.
They also provide a central management location for multiple SharePoint sites.
Mark Johnston, Senior Product Manager for SharePoint at Microsoft UK, says this about the launch:
 “I’m excited to see the potential of the ICS SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012. There are a number of clear customer drivers that this aligns to: flexibility of deployment through this component led approach allows the business to deliver real value and ROI, quickly, while also encouraging the best practice of placing SharePoint at the heart of the customer’s business to enable them to scale for today’s and tomorrow’s challenge”.
The SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012 offers a structured and scalable plan, which will support business transition and motivate all employees to embrace the new platform. It includes five modules: Strategy, Governance, Business Transition, Technical Services and Baseline Accelerators.
The SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012 is a valuable option for companies that are considering medium and large-scale SharePoint deployments, which will involve multiple departments and/or multiple business objectives.
The new SAF 2012 offering will be first presented to the public at ICS Solutions’ next SharePoint Overview Seminar, on 24th April 2012, at our offices, in Basingstoke.
Meanwhile, if you would like to know more about SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012 and the new baseline accelerators, please visit our SharePoint Advantage website or email us.



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