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ICS Solutions release SharePoint Adoption Framework 2013

07 November 2012
ICS Solutions release SharePoint Adoption Framework 2013

​ICS Solutions today launched a new booklet outlining its SharePoint Adoption Framework 2013, (SAF 2013), a proven formula for maximising the productivity of your information workers when deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Against a backdrop of reduced IT budgets and intense competition, SharePoint represents a massive opportunity for any business to achieve more with less. Yet many organisations find the technology complex to deploy owing to the intricacies of juggling people, politics, technology and business. 

Overcoming barriers
Despite this complexity, however, businesses often make the costly decision to implement the technology themselves. Needless to say, failed implementations are expensive to reverse, but surprisingly common since businesses invariably lack the in-house expertise to implement SharePoint securely and to maximum effect.

Added to which, SharePoint implementations can vary immensely depending on an organisation’s industry sector, size, timeframes and budget. To this end, the SharePoint Adoption Framework 2013 from ICS provides a highly flexible approach that can be leveraged to suit both the strategic and tactical needs of any business.

Coordinated, flexible and scalable
Reflecting the vast experience of the ICS team, this blueprint for SharePoint adoption pulls together and harmonises six key elements of any successful implementation - namely Strategy, Governance, Business Transition, Technical Services, SharePoint Services and Baseline Accelerators - resulting in a flexible, secure and scalable solution.

Strategic and tactical
Using a Services Framework exclusive to ICS, our Strategic Approach ensures enterprise-wide commitment to a prioritised roll-out of SharePoint functionality that completely transforms an organisation; whereas our Tactical Approach - ideal for quickly and cost-effectively establishing SharePoint foundations - uses ICS Solutions’ exclusive Baseline Accelerators - pre-formed, pre-priced engagements that leverage the unrivalled experience of the ICS team. 

Get started today!
To find out more about the SharePoint Adoption Framework 2013 and our many customers who have already successfully seized the SharePoint Advantage.




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