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Azure FastTrack program

What is the Azure FastTrack?

The Azure FasTrack program is ICS’s 4 step methodology designed to help customers move quickly and easily through the Azure selection and pilot process with a smooth path to full deployment. 


The process helps you decide if Azure is right for you and then proves the assumptions via a pilot and limited deployment.  Once the business and technology case has been proven the Enhance phase helps you to identify which areas of your business would benefit from Azure leading to the production of a comprehensive execution plan for business approval.




​Interested in Microsoft Azure but not sure how it would work for you?  What the benefits are? What the technical barriers are? What the likely costs and timescales are?  That’s where the Azure Assessment Accelerator comes in,  The Assessment is designed to help organisations remove the guesswork and quickly get the answers needed to make an informed decision about Microsoft Azure.


The ICS Azure Assessment Accelerator is the first of 4 stages of the Azure Fastrack program which helps clients Accelerate the internal investigation of Azure prior to the pilot stage – the Accelerator provides the following:

  • Private Tailored Transform the Datacentre Immersion Experience to understand  and explore Windows Azure
  • Assessment of application environments and identification of business and technical requirements to establish fit and suitability to your current IT environment
  • Pilot solution architecture based upon requirements and current environment
  • Licence and service cost estimates
  • Business case information 
  • Next step recommendations with plan



​You know what Microsoft Azure is, but not sure how to configure the Platform? Got an idea and need to start your journey to the cloud?  That’s where the Azure pilot accelerator comes in,  The Pilot is designed to help organisation quickly setup Microsoft Azure, giving you the management and control of the platform.


Leading on from the Assessment phase ICS will work with you to Pilot the Microsoft Azure Platform by deploy your Azure Tennant, configure the networking and start to discover services which can be migrated to Microsoft Azure – the Pilot provides:
  • Establish Azure Tennant
  • Technical Planning
  • Configure Networking
  • Discovery of Services
  • Highlight quick wins
  • Control and manage your pilot


​Deploy: ​You have a Microsoft Azure tenant, but now require a solution to be configured? You have identified a quick win and need help with deploying it? That’s where the Azure Deploy accelerator comes in,  The Deploy is designed to help organisation to quickly deploy identified services into Microsoft Azure.
Leading on from the Pilot phase ICS will work with you to Deploy the quick wins identified from the pilot into the Microsoft Azure Platform – the Deploy provides:
  • Deliver Deployment Statements of Work
  • Implement Identified Services



​You have identified a production solution and now need help to realise the solution on the Microsoft Azure Platform. That’s where the Azure Enhance accelerator comes in,  The Enhance is designed to help organisation to deploy production solutions into Microsoft Azure.


Leading on from the Deploy phase or even as a separate standalone project ICS will work with you to design and deploy a production ready solution, or Enhance what has been deployed during the Pilot and Deploy Phases – the Enhance provides:
  • Align Production Solution
  • Enhanced Pilot\Deploy Solutions
  • Produce Strategy
  • Improve SLA’s
  • Enhance Support Offerings
  • Enhance Monitoring and Management using System Center
  • Deploy Scenarios




More Information

Click here to find out more information about the ICS Azure FastTrack Programme.



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