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Cloud Adoption Framework

This acclaimed Cloud Adoption Framework encompasses the extensive technical and business experience of ICS Solutions, gained from many successful projects with our clients. This framework underpins your entire engagement with ICS Solutions, ensuring your organisation is continually supported and benefits from industry best practice at every step of your journey. 


What can we do with the Cloud? - Think Cloud Service
The Think Cloud Service consists of a flexible series of specialist seminars, personal workshops, interactive sessions and exclusive materials that can be combined to create a unique education package to suit the needs of your organisation. These have been designed to help your organisation discover the potential of the Cloud, discuss your key IT and business challenges with our Cloud experts and learn more about how your organisation can leverage the cloud framework to generate business advantage.



What is our ‘Personal Cloud’? - Cloud Assess Service
This Service includes technical audits, business, cost and risk analysis as well as Cloud mapping exercises. These have been designed to establish the current situation within your organisation and the way you can harness ‘Cloud Power’ to meet your strategic goals. The Service produces a document outlining your organisation’s ‘personal Cloud’ for strategic Cloud adoption.



Is this right for us? - Cloud Strategy Service
The Solutions Alignment Process (SAP) aims to identify your Cloud solution and ensure that it will effectively and efficiently meet your organisation’s strategic objectives through a series of cloud mapping as well as risk and cost analysis exercises. 




How will we set off together in the Cloud? - Cloud Implement Service
The Cloud Implement Service includes a series of technical workshops as well as planning and design stages that all encompass the best practice knowledge and extensive experience of ICS Solutions to get you started safely and effectively on your Cloud journey. The service also includes Governance work streams to ensure the solution is compliant and works for your business as well as handover and training sessions if required. 



How can we ensure that we are continually supported in our Cloud Journey? - Cloud Support Service
Support contracts provide a friendly, personal and professional support service from your technical account manager as well as extensive escalation options to ICS and Microsoft Consultants. These can be flexible and tailor made to fulfil your organisation’s unique requirements.



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