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Exchange Online Accelerator

Exchange Online, as easy as 1, 2, 3
The Exchange Online Accelerator from ICS Solutions makes moving to Exchange Online as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just answer a few simple questions and ICS will be able to provide you with an Exchange Online business case, as well as costs for both licensing and deployment services. ICS offers you five tools that will save you time and get your users migrated to Office 365 in no-time.



1. Costs - Three questions, simple


Which solution are you moving from? Which identity model would you like? How many Exchange Online users do you want? This is all we need to know to give you an initial quote. Knowing the costs straight away will help you spend less time building your business case.

2. Business case - ROI in a jiffy

ICS Solutions’ Business Case calculator does all the hard work for you. It will generate a report which compares the information you provide about your IT infrastructure to the quote generated earlier. This will allow you to compare your current solution to Exchange Online and see your ROI over time.


3. Automation tools - No sweat

ICS Solutions offers five tools to slash the time and cost of your Exchange Online deployment: 

  • Business Case calculator – Builds the ROI case for Exchange Online
  • Deployment cost calculator – Provides costs based on best practice
  • Templated Architectures – Reference architecture templates for rapid deployment
  • Automated User Activation tool – Provisions users without the need to rekey
  • Automated Migration tools – Migrate users from a wide range of legacy mail systems


Next Steps

​ICS Solutions offers five tools to simplify your Exchange Online deployment:


  • Contact ICS to understand the offering
  • Let ICS give you a quote, using their business case calculator
  • ICS will audit your platform against assumptions
  • Begin your Exchange Online deployment
  • Download the Exchange Online Accelerator brochure.



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