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Managed Application and Platform Service

Substantial savings on managing your solution lifecycle.


Your solution is likely to be a key tool for your organisation which needs to be constantly available and able to evolve to keep pace with your organisation.  However, most organisation substantially underestimate the annual investment (*£300k) needed to maintain the team of experts and technology necessary to ensure the continual maintenance, fixing and development of the solution. 
ICS Solutions Managed Application and Platform Service is designed to solve the dilemma of cost effective lifecycle management. The managed service provides for the comprehensive management and development of your Application and Platform for a fraction of the cost of doing it internally. This SLA backed service ensures that important business systems have processes in place for issue resolution, proactive management and optional enhancements.
Your solution will become essential to your organisation and become central to the ways that people work, communicate and share information together. Therefore, maintaining the availability of your IT infrastructure and services you rely on is essential to the smooth and efficient running of your operations. Application and Development support provides an integrated suite of services, leveraging the extensive expertise of high level developers, infrastructure and platform consultants that are familiar with your solution to quickly diagnose and resolve the problem to minimise expensive downtime and reduce risk.
Cost effective enhancement and risk mitigation. 
Further development and enhancements to the solution are inevitable, but risky and expensive as often organisations are forced to make changes on the live system. ICS Solutions  can maintain dedicated development and deployment environments for your organisation, enabling future developments to be carried out in an efficient way that does not compromise business continuity.
Ensure your Solution is protected against unforeseen events, without unnecessary expenditure on investing in an underutilised, dedicated internal support team.
To download the full datasheet for the Managed Application and Platform Service please
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  • ​Access to a coordinated team of the 6 critical skills required to support and manage your solution and the platform technologies it runs on
  • 3 Levels of SLA – 24, 48 and 72 hours and choice of resource levels
    Options for the provision and management of Dev and UAT platforms as well as the required licences
  • Options for Source code management
  • Application helpdesk
  • Fully Integrated development and consulting contract options Reduce the risk and impact of systems failure
  • Proactive services of monitoring and health checks to ensure continuity
  • Designated Technical Account Manager
  • Priority Issue escalation to Microsoft




Available for: SharePoint, Azure PAAS , BizTalk, .Net


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