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SharePoint Workshop

What is this workshop?


Held by senior ICS experts, an evaluation workshop is a free half-day session to facilitate 1-to-1 discussions between ICS and prospective clients. Focused on the needs of the client, the principal aim of the workshop is to provide the client with an understanding of ICS as an organisation, SharePoint technologies and how these can solve business issues being experienced by the client.

ICS Solutions are flexible with their engagements and we are able to host the workshop at our Hampshire office or travel to you if you would prefer. The workshop will be attended by your Account Manager, an experienced project manager and, if available and appropriate, another SharePoint solution specialist.




What are the objectives of the workshop?


  • Evaluate the SharePoint opportunity and how ICS Solutions can help
  • The workshop has been designed to enable the client to effectively evaluate the suitability of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to meets its needs
  • The workshop aims to conclude having agreed upon a high level vision statement, a high level problem statement and a deeper understanding of business, user and technical requirements


Sample agenda:


  • Introductions and orientations
    • Personal introductions
    • Who are ICS Solutions
  • Overview of SharePoint
  • Demos
  • Evaluate the current situation
    • Overview of the organisation
    • Pain points/ business drivers discussion
    • Overview of current IT landscape
    • Agree a high level vision statement
  • Identity business/ technical challenges
    • Agree a high level problem statement
  • Identity requirement and engagement preferences
  • Overview of SAF 2013
  • Agree next steps



Do I qualify for a workshop?

​You can qualify for a workshop if all of the following apply:
  • You are in a position to pilot or upgrade to SharePoint 2013 in the next 6 months
  • You are a business or financial decision maker, or one will be able to attend the workshop with you
  • You feel that external project assistance for SharePoint implementation is likely
  • You are not a Microsoft Partner




If the above criteria apply and you are interested in a SharePoint evaluation workshop, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 



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