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Data Migration

What is Data Migration?
Every organisation has old silos of data that have become obsolete and difficult to manage. Data migration is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats or computer systems. Data migration is usually performed programmatically to achieve an automated migration, freeing up human resources from tedious tasks, organising duplicate data, across multiple systems.
Four major migration categories:
  • Storage migration: Rationalising the physical media to take advantage of more efficient storage technologies, resulting in having to move physical blocks of data from one tape/disk to another
  • Database migration: It may be necessary to move from one database vendor to another, or to upgrade the version of the software being used
  • Application migration: Changing application or platform, for instance, a new CRM platform will inevitably involve substantial transformation as almost every application or suite operates on its own specific data model
  • Business process migration: Business processes operate through a combination of human and application system actions, often orchestrated by business process management tools. When these change they can require the movement of data from one store, database or application to another
How can ICS Solutions help?
ICS Solutions can assist with your organisations data migration needs in various ways:
  • SQL Server Integration Services. (SSIS)
  • SharePoint Migration. (SharePoint-SharePoint & Old CMS-SharePoint)
  • BizTalk Integration
  • Data cleansing
  • Data Validation
  • Data Enrichment
  • Bespoke migration




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