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Platform Management

What is Platform Management?
System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM) is the end-to-end service-management product that is the best choice for Windows because it works seamlessly with Microsoft software and applications, helping organisations increase efficiency while enabling greater control of the IT environment.
It uniquely enables customers to reduce the cost of data centre management across server operating systems and hypervisors through a single, familiar and easy to use interface. Through numerous views that show state, health and performance information as well as alerts generated according to availability, performance, configuration or security situation being identified, operators can gain rapid insight into the state of the IT environment, and the IT services running across different systems and workloads.

ICS Solutions and Platform Management:
ICS Solutions can provide end to end platform management by using the System Centre product suite.  The suite allows for real time, real estate monitoring and management.  From Data Protection Manager for Disk-2-Disk, Disk-2-Tape and remote replication to SCOM for Infrastructure, application health and availability monitoring the system centre product family will cater for your needs.  Manage your virtualised environment with SCVMM to enable rapid deployment of live and testing environments.  Deliver platform/desktop standardisation with System Centre Configuration manager.

Why invest in Platform Management?
  • End-to-end Service Management: SCOM provides end-to-end service management that is easy to customise and extend for improved service levels across IT environments
  • Best of Breed for Windows: SCOM includes expertise from the Microsoft server, client, and application teams, providing you with knowledge and capabilities to drive greater efficiency
  • Increased Efficiency and Control: SCOM automates routine, redundant tasks, and provides intelligent reporting and monitoring to help increase efficiency and enable greater control of your IT environment



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