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Security (Microsoft Forefront)

What is Microsoft Forefront Security?
Microsoft Forefront delivers end-to-end security and access to information through an integrated line of protection, access and identity management products. Forefront Security products deliver protection, access, and management solutions, built around user identity and integrated with a highly secure, interoperable platform. Our solutions help to deliver a more contextual and user-centric security solution aligned to the needs of our customers.
Why invest in Forefront Security?
  • Integrate and extend across the Enterprise
    • Deeply integrates with the identity infrastructure and across the stack
    • Support for heterogeneous environments
    • On-premises and hosted solutions for seamless connectivity
    • Open standards and protocols based identity and security platform.


  • Help protect everywhere, access anywhere
    • Defence in depth across multiple layers
    • Secure identity-based access products help connect mobile workforce virtually anywhere
    • Identity-aware protection


  • Simplify the experience, manage compliance
    • Enable centralised management of the environment and gain critical visibility into the state of the infrastructure
    • Help improve security and compliance through identity tracking and enforcement throughout the enterprise



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