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What is an Extranet site?
An extranet is a computer network that allows controlled access from outside an organisation, for specific businesses or educational purposes. An extranet can be viewed as an extension of a company's intranet and provides access to channel partners, without granting access to an organisations entire network.
SharePoint 2013 provides a comprehensive platform that companies can scale to meet business needs while simplifying how people find and share information. It provides a full set of tools that people can use to create any kind of site, plus a single infrastructure that simplifies site management. The capabilities included in SharePoint sites are based on simple and powerful site frameworks, the management tools included in SharePoint 2013, and enhanced capabilities that help people extend the SharePoint platform and customise SharePoint 2013 sites.
ICS Solutions and The SharePoint 2013 Optimised Extranet:
The SharePoint Optimised Extranet service uses SharePoint 2013 for Extranet sites, and ICS Solutions best practice experience to help you create rich and visually compelling sites whilst substantially reducing site maintenance costs.  Backend connectivity is fully supported through a range of integration technologies.
Our accelerated engagement model takes you through the process of building site requirements and evolving user experience from concept, through prototype and into production.  With the Optimised Extranet you can centrally manage single or multiple sites including rich self service applications. Additionally, the Optimised Extranet can be multi-lingual and mobile friendly.  
Why invest in a SharePoint 2013 Extranet?
Extranet Solutions help you to share data, information and knowledge with external third parties such as partners, suppliers and customers. Highly scalable, robust and fully secure, our extranet solutions can help you:
  • Create more integrated supply chains through the use of online ordering, order tracking and inventory management
  • Reduce costs by making publications and documentation such as manuals and technical information available on-line to partners and customers
  • Increase the effectiveness of collaboration between business partners and cross-organisational project teams by enabling them to share documents and data
  • Improve business relationships with key partners through close collaborative working
  • Improve customer service by providing customers with direct access to data, information and knowledge and providing self service facilities
  • Flexible working for employees by providing remote and mobile access to documents and data





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