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​DreamTeam Outcome Centric Contracting



Outcome Centric Contracting is a major enhancement to the ICS DREAMTEAM service, which allows you to specify a defined outcome for your contracting engagement at no additional cost. Traditionally, this has only been possible with more expensive managed engagements.

There are a number of benefits to this approach: Better candidate selection, based on outcome, reduced risk of poor outcomes, and less time spent on orientation when a contractor starts.


How we work:


  • We understand what you are trying to achieve and what your desired outcome is
  • We select candidates based on their ability to achieve your desired outcome
  • We ask the candidate to agree that your desired outcome is achievable
  • We take a checkpoint shortly after the engagement starts to re-confirm the outcome
  • We check throughout the engagement that the outcome is on track
  • We provide the contractor with a small performance gift to thank them for achieving the outcome



What's the difference?


  • Contract agencies only focus on the selection of candidates, and not on the successful outcome of the engagement they are working on.
  • DREAMTEAM’s process increases positive contractor outcomes, decreases time and money wasted in fixing poor outcomes, and adds another layer for filtering unsuitable candidates.


Contact us for more information:


E: dream.team@ics.net

T: 01256 403 800


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Why ICS Solutions and DREAMTEAM?


Contract Agencies don’t typically have the expertise required to get involved in the engagement at this level.


ICS Solutions is not an agency, they are one of the UK’s leading Microsoft Gold Partners. Their experience in providing a range of services, from resourcing to fixed-price managed projects, has given them the experience to develop this innovative approach.


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