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SharePoint Adoption Framework


The SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012 is ICS Solutions’ highly acclaimed SharePoint Adoption Service, updated with exclusive SharePoint 2010 baseline accelerators, which allow faster and more-cost effective SharePoint deployment.  

The SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012, developed by ICS Solutions, allows organisations to overcome the critical factors for successful SharePoint adoption. It combines SharePoint Strategy, SharePoint Governance, SharePoint Business Transition, SharePoint Technical Services and SharePoint Baseline Accelerators into a single, coordinated and scalable offering.
The two key barriers to capitalising on SharePoint’s enormous potential are getting business users to embrace it, and to work within an effective governance framework. Success in SharePoint is not achieved in the same way as in traditional IT projects because collaboration needs to be woven in the way people work. Therefore, a successful SharePoint project requires motivated local business managers and users to understand it, buy into it, and take ownership for making it happen. The SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012 is designed to help your business do just this.
SharePoint Baseline Accelerators: new to SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012
ICS Solutions has applied their expertise in SharePoint into developing the following pre-formed solution packages, based on the needs of most organisations. These SharePoint Baseline Accelerators not only allow faster and more cost-effective deployment, but also mitigate known risks by implementing winning strategies.
Baseline Accelerators are up to 75x times more cost-effective than a traditional bespoke approach.
Baseline accelerators available:


Download the SharePoint Adoption Framework 2012 brochure.



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